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Years Performed: 2018 | 2017

Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, Smokestack is one of Northeast Florida’s most prominent up-and-coming bands. Deeply rooted in the blues, they’ve been the leading band in Jacksonville’s blues scene, hosting a weekly performance series, The Tuesday Night Blues Club, currently in its 3rd year, and performing at the most notable venues around, including the legendary Florida Theater.

Members of the band include Ken Nasta on drums, Bryan Spradlin on bass/vocals, Denton Elkins on guitar/vocals, and Jack Corcoran on guitar. Each brings a rich and well-rounded musical history with backgrounds in reggae, jazz, blues, traditional country, and bluegrass. But what stands out most about the band’s character is their respect for those who have come before them and dedication to their craft. In 2013, after the good fortune of working with Dru Lumbar from Grinderswitch of Capricorn Records, Jack Corcoran brought together his idea of a band that represented the same ideas and hard-working ethics. Shortly thereafter Bryan Spradlin joined as bassist and lead vocalist. The band spent most of their time promoting the blues as the house band for the Tuesday Night Blues Club, and backing local and regional artists. After playing some gigs together, Denton Elkins joined the band as a full-time member in 2015. The final piece came together in late 2016, when Smokestack secured the talents of Ken Nasta on drums.
Smokestack is currently recording their first album of original music and continues to perform locally and abroad.

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