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N.W. Izzard

Years Performed: 2018

Nicholas William Izzard is a guitarist/singer/song writer from Ocala, Fl. Joined by fellow song writer/drummer Tyler Watts and bassist Nathan Ranew, N.W. Izzard the band is known for their unique sound comprised of Funky Blues, Soul and Rock N Roll.

In 2012, Izzard was a college dropout living in Orlando, pursuing music full time. The release of the debut single “Hole in One” solidified him as an authentic indie-blues artist, earning a loyal underground following. He continued to study the roots of blues and soul music, reinventing his style and reemerging as N.W. Izzard.

In 2015, N.W. reconnected with hometown friend Tyler Watts, who was on the tail end of producing a three-year long adventure travel documentary, where Izzard was a featured artist on the soundtrack. Sharing a common vision, they began exchanging original songs and ideas while listening to their favorite blues records. In a few days time, songs like Howlin’ Out, Sun’s Gonna Shine and Down to Ride were born. Izzard introduced Watts to the art of busking, performing in the streets of North Central Florida before moving aboard Tyler’s 46 foot sailboat and relocating to the Florida Keys. The duo spent the remainder of 2015 writing songs and refining their sound.

During that time, another childhood friend Nathan Ranew saw N.W. Izzard performing at a music festival and convinced the boys to move to Jax Beach, where there was more opportunities for original music. In 2016, they “hit the ground running” earning residencies at Lynch’s Irish Pub and other local venues, playing memorable performances at the infamous Freebird Live, continuing to build their cult-like following. Upon the release of their debut album No Sleep, the band was evolving from a 2 piece into a power trio as Nate transitioned from manger to bass player, and from local stand outs to regional touring artists.

Today, N.W. Izzard continues to reenergize western music, embodying the rock n roll lifestyle while embracing the roots of soul and funk. Balancing between righteousness and the mysticism that surrounds the voodoo culture, they’ve come to represent to resurgence of the blues and the voice of a generation.

Midnight Magic, 2017

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